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Email Marketing STILL Not Dead, New Podcast Claims

Email Marketing STILL Not Dead, New Email Marketing Podcast Claims

“Email marketing is dead.” If you’ve been involved in the world of marketing over the last few years, you’ve likely heard that declaration more than once.

But a new podcast wants to bring a new perspective to that discussion about email marketing. Email Marketing’s Grave is a new podcast from the team at marketing solutions provider PostUp. And you can subscribe on the podcast main page to never miss a future episode. Or download the podcast via iTunes or on SoundCloud.

Email Marketing Podcast Offers Ideas, Tips and Advice

PostUp Product Marketing Manager Andrea Bridges-Smith, who hosts and runs the podcast, said in a phone interview with Small Business Trends, “Email marketing gets declared dead a lot. Everyone’s always excited about the latest social media platform popping up every two minutes. But email has been around for awhile, so no one’s that excited about it anymore. But those of us in the industry who are dealing with it every day and seeing all of the innovation and potential for it to bring about different relationships than the ones you can have with social media, we think it’s really exciting. So we want to sort of turn that notion of email being dead on it’s head.”

The first episode, titled “How to Make Email Sexy Again,” features an interview with Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox. He and Bridges-Smith talk about some of the changes that businesses are making with their email marketing efforts and where they see the industry going over the next several years.

Bridges-Smith thinks there’s plenty of room for innovation still. From companies including animated GIFs and videos to news tickers and other unique formats, email doesn’t just have to feature static text anymore. And she’s excited to feature those types of ideas and innovations in future podcast episodes.

The first episode of Email Marketing’s Grave is just about 15 minutes long. But Bridges-Smith says that future episodes will probably be around a half hour in length, and released every other Wednesday. Since she has plenty of experience with podcasting, both on a personal and professional level, Bridges-Smith will continue to host and produce each episode, with a rotating roster of guest interviewees.

“What I want is for people to get excited about email again,” Bridges-Smith says. “We’re going to be discussing trends in the industry and the evolution of the industry. We’re going to take a look at email marketing programs from all different kinds of people. There’s a lot of attention paid to retailers and eCommerce businesses and their email marketing programs. But there’s a lot of other interesting people out there like publishers and media companies that are experiencing a real resurgence now. It gives publishers the ability to have real relationships with their audience, especially when we now have adblocking taking away revenues and social media where algorithms keep changing to make it harder for businesses to connect with their audiences. There are a lot of cool things people can do in email now that we couldn’t do a few years ago. So we want to celebrate that.”

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