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Finally, An Honest Plug-In Profits Review

If you have searched the internet for home business opportunities no doubt you have come across Plug-In Profits Sites. There are hundreds of sites out there claiming that Plug-In Profits is a scam or rip off. Other sites claim these sites are the easiest way to become a internet millionaire. It seems a little odd that one sites scam is another sites greatest roads to riches. After seeing all the miss information out there I figured it was time to finally give An Honest Review of Plug-In Profits from someone who is actually a member.

Is Plug-In Profits A Scam

Let me start out by saying I am leery of any site that claims any product is a scam. Unless you have purchased , used and understood a product commenting on it  negativity or positivity is at the very least unprofessional. There are hundreds of products out there claiming that they have the answer for how to make money from home. Are they all scams? No…. For the most part all internet marketing programs offer the same thing……an “opportunity” for the user to make money.

It is up to the purchaser to use any training that is provided and find other sources of knowledge to become successful. For the most part sites that call any program a scam be it Plug-In Profits or any other home based business opportunity are usually pushing another program or have comments from people who failed and since it is not their fault they failed it most be a scam.

Will You Get Rich Quick With Plug-In Profits 

No. Unfortunately many people join work from home business opportunities with the belief that they can get rich quick. When people with unrealistic expectations realize it takes time and work to make money from the internet they soon quit and decide the program was a scam.

You can make money with a Plug-In Profits Site but it will take time.

What Do I Like About Plug-In Profits

They main advantage is the website. Usually within 24 hours you can have your own made for you website that already has your affiliate links embedded into it. There is some training available ( I’ll get into that in a bit) and regardless of what the sites who say it is a scam say they do offer support which is very responsive if you have a issue.

What Don’t I like About Plug-In Profits

While training is offered it relies mostly on using solo emails which a) cost money and there is a big up-sell on each lesson to purchase b) yield little results. Also, the websites will need to be changed shortly after you receive them to avoid duplicate content issues from Google. It is by no means hard to change and update the sites but some people my feel a little over whelmed at the prospect of changing their sites.

The other issue I have is the affiliate programs change all the time. Just as you get comfortable promoting a product it is dropped from the core programs offered and you must decide if you want to continue promoting a product outside the PIPS core programs.

What Is My Verdict    

Plug-In Profits is NOT A SCAM. It is also not a get rich quick opportunity and it is by no means perfect. Think of it as a starting point. It will get your feet wet with internet marketing and as you grow you can move on to other areas of the internet. Many successful marketers have started with a Plug-In Profit site and took what they learned from it and started their own lines of business.




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