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Get Your Free Website

When I started Home Business News And Information my goal was to provide help for those who have a home business or were looking for a way to make money working from home.

There are plenty of opportunities out there and if you have not noticed my favorite is SFI. I try not to push SFI or TripleClicks but rather provide a place that marketers can come to find information about affiliate marketing and running a Internet home business.

Several years ago when I first started looking into making money from home I came across Plug-In-Profit . It is a great program if you are new to internet marketing but eventually I moved on.

This is not another Plug-In-Profit review, there are plenty of those already available. There is however, a chance for everyone who is trying to make money from home to take advantage of an offer that Plug-In-Profit is making. A FREE WEBSITE !!

No hosting fees. No obligation to sign up for expensive affiliate programs. No time limits just a free website.You can change it however you want and promote anything you want.

Of course there are several programs that are pushed and they are betting you will join a few of them but you do not need to pay a thing

My favorite program SFI is one of the programs recommended and it is free to join as well.

So lets review- There is no cost to you. You get a free website that you can change and promote whatever you want. And the number one free affiliate program SFI is included.