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Do You Have A Home Business Goal

When I started my first website I struggled for a long time. I knew I wanted to make extra money I just had no idea how or even how much. I knew that the chances of me becoming a millionaire were slim but luckily that is not what I was looking for. I just wanted to turn a small profit at the end of the month and see what happened.

In spite of or maybe because of my lack of a home business goal  I am still at it. I am still not a millionaire, far from it but over the years I have learned what I wanted from My Home Biz and while I may not have started out with a goal I have one now and had I decided sooner what my internet business goal was I know I would be closer to reaching it.

What Is The Goal

Chances are if you have found this post you already have a least some kind of idea of what you want. But is it a realistic goal? Wanting to make extra money with a internet business is nice but how much? Do you want to work full time from home or are you just looking for a little extra spending money. These are all the things you need to seriously think about before you start.

My goal is to earn a steady residual income to help with my retirement. Retirement is a long time away for me but that is my goal. For me researching ways to make extra money all revolve around the long term benefit. Residual income opportunities offer the chance to make a steady income into the future. Monthly profits are used to buy stocks and invest in an IRA. These are are my long term goals and I am sure your goals are completely different but before you can start to have any success you need to know What Is The Goal.

Start Small And Build

Whatever your goal is you will not be able to reach it overnight. If could then it would not be much of a goal. Once you decide on your goal start small and build on it. I try to something every day that will help me reach my ultimate goal. It may me reading a few articles it may be updating the look of my site (something I am way behind on) or it may be posting something new to my blog. The goal is to do something that helps me in the long run.

The best thing anyone who is  new to internet marketing do is read as much as possible about SEO. Find out what to do and more importantly what not to do  to increase traffic to your site.

It Takes Work But It Will Come

Whatever you want to achieve with your home business it will come if you continue to work at it. Many people who try to make money on the internet give up to soon. It will take time and it will take work but if you have a goal and a budget and stick to them both you will succeed.







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