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Know Your Audience When Sending Solo Ads

The most important part of a internet home business is growing your list. It is the first thing anyone who starts out in internet marketing is taught. I have been trying to build a new list using the methods suggested in the 30 Days To Success  training that comes with a Plug-In Profit Site. I have discover something while sending out solo ads.

Know Your Audience

I am a big believer in using solo ads and I think that there is a huge opportunity in sending out emails to a target list. There is however a flaw in the thinking that I sending out a mass email promoting a home business opportunity. Most of the people receiving these solo ads are 1) clicking the ads for credits because 2) They already have a Internet home business.

Sending these people an email trying to get them to join a home business opportunity when they already have one is kind of pointless. Most of these emails are going to people who are already in internet marketing and are struggling to make extra money. These people need a product or service that they can use and that will help them get over the hump.

That is the key to successfully growing your list. Know Your Audience. Offer them something that they can use to make extra money from the internet and grow the business they already have.

People who visit this website generally are looking to start a home based business. Hopefully they will look around and sign up for my newsletter. People reading the solo ads already have a home based business and need something that will help them. Two separate type of opportunities.

Solo ads need to offer the reader something they can use. They need to grab their attention. I started sending out promoting Pure Leverage a product that anyone with a internet home business can use. Regardless of the niche Pure Leverage can help.

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Offering your visitors something they can use is key to success with any internet home business. If you know your audience than your success will be guaranteed.

Coming soon. Using Fiverr to grow your list. Does it work





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