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A New Update About About My Internet Business

It has now been a couple of months since I started My Internet Business and it has been a learning experience. As I have mentioned several times before I have had several websites and have been in the online marketing business for several years. The goal of MyHomeBiz.co was to start a new blog and to try several different methods to build the site and hopefully make a little money while I was at it.

My internet business has started out a little slower than I would like but like I said this is not my first dance with this type of business so I know what to expect. This site is basically a Plug-In Profit Site that I have made a few changes to. I did already write a review of the program and you can read it it here. Basically it is a decent way for a newbie to begin a internet home business. It is not perfect but it is good way to get started.

I have also come across Wealthy Affiliate and so far I have been very impressed. If anything there is to much info. This is something that I have been searching for My Internet Business as well as offer to other people looking to start a home based business or struggling with the one they have. I will be digging around and reviewing the training for a few weeks and will eventually post a review but I am already a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate.

The biggest learning experience so far has been solo emails. Part of the 30 days to success training that comes with a Plug In Profit site is several days talking about the virtues of growing your list with solo emails. I have used all the companies recommended and used the solo ad recommended and I have add a grand total of zero new contacts to my home business tips newsletter. There are also many people on Fiverr offering to send your solo to their lists. I tried three different offers spending a total of 15 dollars and received zero new contacts to my list. I also tried 10 Dollar Solo Ads and received several signups. Guess who I will be using going forward.

I still need to make cosmetic changes to this site. That will come in time and I don’t think Google puts much weight on the appearance of the site but more on the content. For now I will be going through all the training in Wealthy Affiliate, sending out a few solo ads, working on the look and feel of this site and occasionally posting about My Internet Business.

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