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On Demand Cookie Business May Be One for You to Replicate

Doughbies Demonstrates the Opportunities in On Demand Services and Products

These days, you can get pretty much anything on demand. There’s on-demand music streaming, on demand printing services, on-demand grocery delivery and on demand babysitting. And now, there’s even on demand cookie delivery.

Doughbies is a startup that offers baked goods delivered right to your door within 20 minutes for customers in San Francisco, with overnight delivery offered for customers outside the area.

While cookies might seem like a really crowd pleasing offering, creating an on demand service around them still comes with some challenges. The company has had to find ways to limit food spoilage, keep delivery costs relatively low and predict inventory.

Opportunities in On Demand Services

For small businesses that are able to deal with the challenges that come with offering on demand services and products, Doughbies offers some potential inspiration. While the number of on demand businesses has certainly grown in recent years, it’s still a relatively new concept in a lot of industries. So there are still opportunities for small businesses to break into industries by delivering a product or service in a new way.

Technology has made it possible for businesses to deliver products and services to consumers faster than ever. So you could create an on demand cookie business of your own — and just offer it outside of Doughbies’s service area. Or you could come up with a whole new on demand business model. There are plenty of opportunities out there for small businesses to take advantage of this growing trend.

Image: Doughbies.com

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