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Pet CareThe Natural Pet Shampoo provides lots of lather yet rinses easily. Gentle enough for frequent use.

  • Non-toxic.
  • All ingredients are biodegradable or break down into harmless natural elements.
  • Biodegrades without forming microtoxins.
  • Contains no hazardous ingredients as per OSHA regulations.
  • Contains no Petroleum Distillates, EDTA, NTA, Ammonia, Benzene, Grain
    Proteins, Enzymes or Formaldehyde.
  • Free of all known or suspected carcinogens.
  • Gray water safe and septic tank safe.
  • Biodegradable without effluent treatment processes.


  • Cruelty free.
  • Contains no animal ingredients.


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Hairball ReliefAnti-shedding and hairball eliminator
Supports skin and hair health
With omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

Hairball Relief Plus is a state-of-the-art formula designed to eliminate hairballs, reduce the likelihood of hairball formation and to support hair and skin health. It contains a synergistic blend of specific fatty acids (omegas), soluble fiber, methionine, lecithin, biotin and zinc to reduce shedding and support skin tone, elasticity, and hair follicle health.

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With lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, sesame oil & castor oil
For dogs & cats

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