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These Solar Powered Clothes May Be Able to Charge Your Phone

A Gap in the Marketplace Can Create Opportunities for Small Businesses

Tech and fashion aren’t two industries that normally have a lot of overlap. But ISHU is a company that’s trying to change this.

The company has already gained notoriety due to its “anti-paparazzi scarf” — a scarf reflecting flash from a camera so it’s more difficult to photograph the wearer. And now, the company is working on a line of solar powered clothing. The clothes use nanotechnology to make sure fabric remains slim and easy to wear, while also offering the ability to provide power to devices on the go.  (Imagine charging your phone simply by putting it in your jacket pocket!)

ISHU’s product line could impact small businesses in a couple of interesting ways. First of all, it could potentially be beneficial to mobile entrepreneurs who need easy and fast ways to charge their devices on the go.

Look for the Gap in the Marketplace

Secondly, the company’s success points to a huge gap in the marketplace creating opportunities for more small businesses. Large fashion and tech brands up to this point have largely ignored the possibilities of the tech fashion niche. This means there are still places for small companies to shine by creating unique products in the marketplace. Even beyond what ISHU is doing, there are opportunities for clothing with WiFi, Bluetooth capabilities and more. And innovative entrepreneurs could take these opportunities to the next level.

Have an idea for business casual wear doubling as your own internet hotspot? There could be room in the market here.

Image: ISHU/Facebook

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