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25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business

25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business

It’s important small businesses choose the right point of sale (POS) system, which streamline the sales process, ensuring payments are made quickly and securely. A POS system can also make a small business appear more professional and legitimate, which is particularly important for business’s just starting out.

With a myriad of point of sale systems and software available, how do small businesses choose the right one their own specific needs? Small Business Trends has identified 25 point of sale systems small businesses could benefit from.

Point of Sale Systems for Small Business

Brilliant POS

25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Brilliant POS

Brilliant POS enables business to replace standard cash registers with a stand-alone terminal, a receipt/label printer and a barcode scanner, for a starting price of $399. With the Brilliant POS system retailers can make payments, manage time sheets, track inventory, run reports, and more. With cloud backup and offsite access, Brilliant POS removes the worry of losing data if a device is lost or stolen, as all the data is stored securely on the Brilliant POS servers.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Vend

Vend is the United States’ leading retail POS software, dedicated to making it easy for retailers to sell to their customers. Working with leading merchant providers from around the world, Vend allows businesses to choose the best way to accept payments, including debit, credit and gift cards.

Vend enables ease of sale, regardless of whether retailers use Vend’s responsive web-based POS on PC, Mac or the Vend Register iPad app. Vend offers a range of pricing structures. A Starter package costs $69 per month and is designed for a single outlet with three users. The Advanced payment costs $79 a month and is for a single outlet with unlimited users. The Multi-Outlet structure costs $199 a month and can be used by multiple users.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Banq

Banq proudly asserts it can streamline the check-out process and deliver improved customer experiences, by providing modern businesses with a cash register with innovative features. Some of these innovative features include a built-in CRM, the ability to create purchase orders, multi-language options, purchase ordering and stock transfers, and being able to track gift card balances.

Banq offers POS solutions for retail, salon and spa, quick serve restaurant and the mail cart and kiosk industries. Banq offers four different packages of various pricing models, ranging from Basic, Small, Medium and Large.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Revel

As well as POS capabilities, Revel comes with a host of other features to help simplify business processes, including QuickBooks integration, analytics, payroll management and appointment scheduling. A standard Revel POS terminal includes an iPad, payment device, POS stand, router, Wi-Fi access point, POS printer and a secure cash drawer.

Revel offer POS solutions for diverse businesses, including retailers, restaurants, sports stadiums, self-service kiosks and convenience stores. Interested businesses can get a quote from the Revel sales team for a customized POS solution.

POS Nation

25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - POS Nation

POS Nation offers retailers a POS system that can be tailored to their specific needs. Users can customize the system, choosing the software, hardware and peripherals needed to optimize productivity and profitability.

POS Nation allows businesses to manage different aspects of operations, from finances to inventory, and gain the insight to make better business decisions.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Shopify

Shopify is an inexpensive POS for businesses with plans starting at low at $29 a month. With an easy-to-use interface, Shopify does not require much training. Mobile POS is available with Shopify as the system works on iPhone and iPad. A three-tiered payment classification, includes Basic Shopify, designed for start-ups, Shopify to assist growing businesses, and Advanced Shopify, for scaling businesses.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Shop Keep

ShopKeep is a POS system designed for retail, quick serve, restaurant and bar and franchises. ShopKeep can be used for payment processing, inventory management, transactions, customer marketing, staff management, reporting and analytics, and more. Shop Keep’s hardware comprises of iPad enclosures, cash drawers, printers, readers and other robust hardware to cater for the needs of modern businesses.

Unlike other POS vendors, which offer tiered payment structures, ShopKeep touts a standard price, enabling businesses to benefit from its complete point of sale system from a low as $2.50 a day.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Acme

Acme Point of Sale is built specifically for retail. Fighting credit card fraud at the point of sale is a leading priority for all retailers. Acme offers secure payment solutions with any device. The Acme Wonder Bundle includes point of sale software, a 7000 Series Touch Screen Windows 10 computer with Intel Inside, a choice of Aggressive Built-in or external bar code scanners and a high speed/ hop swappable receipt printer. The Wonder Bundle costs $1,495 then $19 a month.

Square Up

25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Square Up

Square Up is a POS system that’s designed to grow as a small business grows. This powerful  POS platform enables businesses to make payments, digital receipts, open tickets, inventory, reports, and more.

Square Up is designed for every type of business, regardless of the industry. The system is free to download and can be used as a mobile POS on a smartphone or on a tablet at a counter.

Cashier Live

25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Cashier Live

Cashier Live offers smart online POS software solutions for retailers. Businesses can access the software via the internet, or though iPad or iPhone apps. Cashier Live’s software help businesses ring up sales with ease, as well as tracking inventory, managing staff, accessing data and generating reports. This POS system boasts special features for retailers operating hardware stores, pharmacies and boutiques.

Cashier Live costs about $75 a month, to which users receive unlimited registers, unlimited inventory and unlimited support.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - TouchBistro

Restaurateurs might be interested in TouchBistro, an easy-to-use and affordable POS system designed specifically for the needs of the restaurant industry. Mobile payments are becoming a key feature in modern payment systems, and TouchBistro is compatible with the iPad, giving restauranteurs additional flexibility. The POS system provides 24/07 support and a number of pricing structures, ranging from the Solo plan at $69 a month, to the Unlimited plan at $399 a month.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Bindo

Bindo is a POS system for the iPad which helps retailers and restaurateurs manage their business easier with a cloud-based POS. From invoicing to time clocking, Bindo has more than 300 features designed to streamline business operations. The system provides actionable analytics, detailed metrics which are neatly presented to provide businesses with an understanding of how improvements can be made. Bindo’s hardware includes everything from barcode scanners to scales, which are supported by the Bindo’s comprehensive point of sale system.

Bindo offers a flexible pricing system, which can be custom-built depending on a business’s specific needs. This tiered pricing model starts at $79 per month.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - iConnect

iConnect provides advanced POS solutions for the retail, salon, restaurant, petroleum and micro market sectors. Through quantifiable IT and operational savings, multi-unit management and reporting, on demand access to reporting and cloud connectivity, iConnect POS provides companies with better employee and customer services. This corporate POS is helping thousands of small businesses on main street America increase sales with loyalty and marketing automation.

iConnect offers a variety of competitively-priced POS hardware and a seven day free trial.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Springboard

Springboard is a powerful, cloud-based POS software and management system for retailers. The platform is designed to help retailers sell more and sell smarter. The intuitive and easy to use point of sale system works on mobile and desktop devices and being cloud-based, allows businesses to access key data whilst on the go.

Springboard offers a flexible and scalable, three-tiered payment structure, starting from $79 a month.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Gotmerchant

Gotmerchant offers a fully loaded Harbortouch POS system for restaurant and retail businesses. This fully-inclusive POS system includes all the basic hardware and software required for an effective point of sale system, unlimited training, professional on-site installation, lifetime 24/7 technical support and other features designed to help small businesses revolutionize business processes with no start-up cost.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Lavu

Lavu is a POS system for the iPad for coffee shops, food trucks, restaurants, pizzerias, bars and other types of catering establishments. Lavu states it offers premier point of sale technology, which is designed exclusively for restaurants and bars. Some of the key benefits of using the Lavu system, include industry-leading payment processing rates, 24/7 US-based customer care, menu and restaurant layout customization and shift scheduling for easy clocking in and out.

Lavu offers flexible payment plans, starting from $59 a month for a single Lavu terminal.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Lightspeed

Lightspeed is a point of sale and ecommerce provider based in Montreal, Canada, providing small and medium-sized businesses in the retail and restaurant sectors point of sale solutions.

Lightspeed’s founder Dax Dasilva told Small Business Trends how the company is the “most powerful cloud based commerce solution for independent businesses for both in store and online applications.”

Lightspeed is dedicated to helping local businesses succeed through a reliable and intuitive POS software and a store management system. Retailers and restaurants can benefit from comprehensive data analytics and sales processing.

Lightspeed offers three pricing options, starting from $99 a month.

Bluestore Live

25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Bluestore

Bluestore Live offers retailers are flexible point of sale system that can run on different hardware. At the heart of Bluestore Live is an admin console, in which a business’s data is securely stored on BlueStore’s servers living in the cloud or the company’s own private URL. From the console, retailers can create products, check stock, change prices, run sales reports, and more.

Bluestore Live as a simple pricing system, starting from around $25 per month for each store with one terminal.

Tiger POS

25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Tiger POS

Tiger POS is a point of sale platform that has been built for store owners by store owners, specifically for liquor store owners. This affordable POS system has an age verification feature, as well as shelf labeling, reporting, security camera integration and purchasing and receiving capabilities.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - ePOS

ePOS is a comprehensive point of sale system for the hospitality and retail industries The POS is available on mobile iOS and Android devices, as well as PCs and Macs. ePOS system is easy to use and staff can be trained on it in 15 minutes. Real time reports can be generated and monitored from anywhere. The POS includes a payment system, online ordering platforms, accounting systems an CRM.

Businesses can buy the complete system for $1799 or pay just $15 a week.

PayPal Here

25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - PayPal Here

PayPal Here is a credit card reader and mobile app that can be downloaded onto an iPad, Android or Windows device, providing a solid POS system for businesses that enables credit card processing. The system features automatic invoicing, barcode scanning, debit card PIN processing and digital receipts.

Users pay once for the card reader and then from 2.75 percent to as low as 1.5 percent per transaction.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Quickbooks

Quickbooks’ point of sale is EVA-ready and is designed to support the most updated payment technology. Small businesses can take advantage of simple credit card processing which is integrated with Quickbooks and encrypted for the protection of the business and its customers’ data.

Interested businesses can give Quickbooks’ POS a free trial and pricing is dependent on the hardware and software bundle a business opts for.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - SWIM

SWIM offers a POS system for businesses operating within the jewellery sector. Designed for an iPAD, this POS assists jewellers with sales processing and the management of their business. Features are specific to the jewellery business and include stock counting, instant quotes and custom orders, as well as various marketing tools.

SWIM offers four different pricing structures, starting at $0 a month, for trialling the software to $269 a month for unlimited sales and inventory items.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - Toast

Toast is an all-in-one management solution for restauranteurs. The system provides delivery tracking, real-time reporting, online ordering, and more. The Android POS system is fully customizable and is available to eateries of all sizes.

This POS software, designed to increase the profitability of restaurants, provides 24/7 support from a U.S-based support team.


25 Point of Sale Systems for Small Business - MyCheck

In 2014 MyCheck announced full integration into POSitouch Point of Sale software. This payment technology platform enables brands to increase engagement with customers and customize their digital experience.

MyCheck’s POS integration requires no special hardware and provides unique reporting tools. MyCheck provides a pay-as-you-go pricing model in which businesses can choose the specific capabilities they require from the system.

Are you a small business which relies on a POS system to streamline payments and other management operations? We’d love to hear your experiences of POS systems for small businesses.

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