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Small Business Hiring Gen Xers Most in These Cities

Which are the cities where Gen Xers want to work the most? New data reveals that Gen X is looking to work with small businesses in 10 cities in particular.

The Gen Xers are in their prime (author’s bias noted).

Part of the adult workforce for at least 20 years now, those between the ages of 35 and 50 have experience to offer your small business. Though it may not be the specific experience your small business is looking for, they bring a unique skill set. They started working, largely, before the internet — or at least high-speed internet — but they’re still part of the workforce, working elbow-to-elbow with Millennials.

“Recent studies and articles have highlighted Generation X employees as the most engaged and committed at work,” said Indeed’s Paul Wolfe,  and head of HR for the job site. “As they enter their ‘career prime’, Gen X employees are an invaluable part of the workforce and our data shows that many are looking for jobs with small businesses.”

Cities Where Gen Xers Want to Work

So where are these Renaissance employees looking to work for small businesses most?

New data from Indeed reveals that Gen Xers are looking to work with small businesses in the Heartland and South.

Indeed uses an interest score — based on the click-thru rate of small business job listings by Gen X users on their site — to determine a user’s potential interest in a job.

The city with the highest score based on that indicator is Oklahoma City. Second on the list is Houston, followed by Jacksonville, Florida.

Other Heartland cities that are hot destinations for Gen Xers looking for work with small businesses — or are places where Gen Xers are living already — include Indianapolis, Columbus, Ohio and Nashville.

Cities in the South that are ripe with Gen Xers looking for jobs in a small business include Tampa, Dallas, and San Antonio.

Image: Indeed

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